At Titan Roofing we offer a variety of professional services specializing in Residential, Industrial and Commercial Long Run Roofing Installations, New Roofs and Re-roofs, Metal Cladding,  Spouting and Metal Fascia,  Down Pipe,  Alterations and Extensions, Edge Protection and Scaffold services.

We offer a no obligation free quotation, inspection and consultation service.  

Providing unbiased, professional honest advice whilst determining services required.


All roofing systems will require replacing near the end of their lifetime.  Many homeowners express their concerns regarding the cost involved in re-roofing their homes however taking into consideration the potential damage a leaking roof could cause and the overall aesthetics of a new roof in terms of your property value the benefits far outweigh the associated costs.  A leak free roof pays for itself.


Galvanised corrugated iron sheets have historically been used in New Zealand on farm and industrial buildings as a low-cost, durable and easy-to-install cladding option. More recently, profiled metal cladding has become a fashionable cladding solution for houses. However houses require a greater level of performance than barns, and more care is needed for profiled metal to be a successful house cladding. The cross sectional profile requires • careful detailing for effective weathertightness
• sufficient air flow behind the cladding to allow for for moisture and heat control. In addition, metal materials require more care to • prevent corrosion at cut edges, penetrations and between building components • allow for differing expansion rates.  Titan Roofing Ltd is experienced in the above applications and can provide a finished cladding product that is not only aesthically pleasing but performs as per product expectations.

Maintaining a safe work environment is a priority with either new or replacing of existing commercial roofing.  We recognize that the renovation of occupied facilities requires careful scheduling, physical limitations, unobtrusiveness and environmental sensitivity.  Our staff knows that ensuring the safety of all involved is of utmost importance to you as well as to us therefore, our staff will take all necessary precautions and work accordingly.  Ross alongside our project manager works to ensure the safety, security and quality of your finished product.

We employ skilled people dedicated to providing you the best possible roofing system at a competitive price.  With our continued focus on quality and reliability.

"We treat every job like it's our own." new or existing.  We believe this to be the way to establish repeat business. Liaising with builders and other trades including councils to minimize any unnecessary stress during what should be one of the most exciting times of a new home build.  Titan Roofing Ltd is fully committed to the satisfaction of every customer we serve. 


You don’t necessarily have to fix the leak right away, however if you don’t repair it immediately, even a small leak can lead to huge problems like rotted framing, mold, destroyed insulation, and damaged ceilings.

If you want to avoid an expensive roof repair we recommend contacting us as soon as you notice signs of a leak.

Not only will we be able to find the source of the leak quickly, but we will also be able to repair it skillfully.

That said, if your roof has past its expected lifetime, is damaged or worn out, then it's time to repair, or maybe even replace it. 


To complete and compliment your new roof installation Titan Roofing Ltd can provide you with a supply and installation solution for all your spouting, metal fascia and downpipe requirements.


A home extension/alteration can be as small as adding a carport or as large as doubling the size of your property perhaps with a second storey.  Whether you are a builder or home owner looking to carry out a roof extension on an existing property the Titan Roofing Ltd team will ensure the highest quality work will be performed using products and techniques to complement your project resulting in a quality finished product.

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